Auzom scoring system improvements

Scoring changes going into season 2: Scoring table changes:

The scores per-game according to the new table. Graph represents 2 closed tier lobbies and their point distribution.

Because to random seeding most teams after week 1 are scattered, however that's something we're going to address by eliminating the lobby modifier for Week 1 of the actual season.

In week 2 we start stabilising, this should go even better than in this simulation due to no multipliers and better seeding at the start of the actual season.

Week 3 we already have most team in their correct spots. Some misplaced team from the middle of the pack still linger in the wrong lobbies, but that's to be expected from tose ranks. They'll be battling for the spot in the Lobby 1 each week.

By week 4 most of the irregularities are gone and everyone starts to settle into their rightful place.

From week 5 to 7 there are minor changes in the order, but mainly it's teams sitting close to their rank and gaining points.

After the last week teams near the ends of each range are quite close in scores and there is no way to advance from Lobby 2 to Lobby 1 in the last week, unless the #10 team places last and the Lobby 2 team finishes first as you need at least a net +12 point change. However you can still advance to avoid relegation and every team in Lobby 1 has a shot at getting to the finals if they perform well enough, Top 5 or better in case of the last team. assuming the top teams finish last.

Final point ranges:
  • Top 10: 240-48
  • #11-20: 47-37
  • #21-30: 37-22
  • #31-40: 14-0

The placement errors have been reduced to <10 across the board, with the Top 10 consists only of the best 10 teams. That shows the high accuracy of the adjusted system when it comes to determining the groups we want it to define, mainly the relegation teams and the finalists. It also eliminates the concerns with teams "jumping" between lobbies in order to gain an undesired advantage.
If we decide to include kills in the overall scoring, it might be a good idea to change the point value of kills to 2 to keep them at about 1:2 ratio with the increased placement point total (153->166) However it would invert the ratio for Lobby 2 which has a new placement point total of only 76.